Bando, the iOS and Android mobile app developed solely by my co-founder and I — has just reached over 1,000 users in just a two month’s time without any money put behind the product.

Bando is the Flipboard for the urban culture. Bando brings real-time news for the urban culture from the top sources allowing users to get premium content first, save articles for later, or view our social media feed connected with Instagram and Twitter’s API.

We built the app ourselves without any funding and we’ve created a community where thousands of users are on Bando for over 2 hours a day. Bando users see, on avg., 6 screens/session and we’ve acquired an avg. of 20 users per day!

My goal with Bando was to create an extraordinary user experience within this niche so that our users would become inherent ambassadors of the app. I put a great deal of focus into establishing quality content, exposure through different growth hacking methods, and making our app easy to find for new users.

Learn more about Bando below: