When lies benefit us we rather accept that than the truth

Except, what still holds true?

The law is all presiding, right?

But I now fear the man with the gun and the badge

more than I do just the man with the gun.

The moral code of the streets seems more honorable than our justice system

If only the ones who took the bullet got the mulligan

How soon we forget the many (black) lives lost just last year

But how quickly do we recall when it’s convenient

Our feelings waiver but the divide never lessens

Black is the accumulation of all color, yet we support none

Not even black.

How soon we forget to support the ones that have already opened that door for us

How soon we forget to self reflect before outward blame

How soon we forget the ones that have fallen

Public support waivers and social media activism dissipates.

It’s rarely crowded on the extra mile.

A life behind bars or in the stars, our fate can be decided

Troubling that an oscars boycott ignited an internet rally. But some lives are no longer here to even watch the ceremony.

We rally for the trend not for the cause

Was there ever really grief when we move on so quickly?

Or were your condolences only honorable at the moment?

No huddle called when 14 cops were acquitted of murder

No huddle called when video evidence is ignored and hearsay is creed

Our biggest compliment is the imitation of our culture

The worst? The imitation of our culture

Yet we still decide not to recognize our own

How soon we forget