Note to Self Poster 2

Director & Writer of Note to Self

Just recently, Note to Self was named a Semi-Finalist in the LA Cinefest and Winner of the NYC Film Awards.

Note to Self is a film about a man who has a conversation with his subconscious over the woman he loves. Darren is faced with the tough decision to decide on his future with the longtime girlfriend or the chance to advance his career. But in the end the decision isn’t his.

The rift comes in finding the balance in this distant relationship with Marlee, Darren’s girlfriend, who moved to California to pursue her acting career while Darren remains at home trying to determine his step in life. The couple only sees each other on special occasions and though their love feels very real, it was destined to reach an ultimatum. As Darren falls asleep, looking to avoid that tough conversation, he’s only just begun his long night debating the thoughts in his head.

See the trailer

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