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Content Growth Strategy at Bando

Bando is a mobile news platform positioned to provide timely and personalized news for the urban culture. We used content both inside the mobile platform and outside of our owned channels to drive user acquisition. Bando readers averaged 25k pages per month with a 20% user audience growth month-to-month.

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Black Theory II [Short Film]

Black Theory II

Stressed about the troubles of settling in a new city, Malik’s own skewed outlook on race and the media could cost him his livelihood.

See how Malik strains those relationships close to him as he finds the difference from the things he sees in the media and the ideas he brings into the world. The 24 yr. old writer readies for his first interview in New York City but he learns a lot more about himself throughout the day.

Black Theory II is an 11-minute short film, filmed over the course of two weekends in Bushwick, NY & Manhattan, NY. Shot with a small budget of $310, the crew utilized resources to create a narrative that correctly addressed multiple perspectives of racial stereotypes and bias. The first film, Black Theory, placed #19 in the Viewster Online Film Festival and it analyzed Malik’s internal conversations as he watched troubling news segments of today’s racial tensions.


Watch Black Theory II

Shared Ink – Creative Strategist

Company: Shared Ink

Role: Creative Strategist

Date: Sept. 2015 – Jan. 2015

Responsibilities: Product marketing, digital marketing


Shared Ink is a digital marketing accelerator based in Brooklyn, NYC. At Shared Ink I worked on a project-basis and did the following:

• Managed and tasked a creative team of graphic designers, a social media manager, and other digital marketing associates
• Created marketing campaigns for our client Zipz Wine, the largest funded business in Shark Tank history
• Produced creative content for all of our clients across a wide variety of platforms
• Gained an average increase of 160% of Facebook engagement per month and an average of 100k Twitter impressions per month for our client, Zipz Wine

Notable Content – The Wine Infographic for Millennials

SkilledUp – Content Marketing Mentor

Company: SkilledUp

Role: Content Marketing Mentor

Date: Feb. 2015 – May 2015

Responsibilities: Subject matter expert working with small business owners, entrepreneurs, and other professionals to apply SkilledUp’s immersive content marketing course material to real life businesses.


• Wrote two lessons of the 12-week digitally-based content marketing class
• Mentored 6 users on a weekly basis on how to utilize their content to grow their audience and overall build their business’s content strategy

VideoInk – Head of Marketing

Company: VideoInk

Role: Head of Marketing

Date: January 2015 – June 2015

Responsibilities: Audience growth, content marketing (B2B), strategic partnership acquisition


  • Led audience development with a major B2B focus and expanded our newsletter subscriber base 17.8%
  • Acquired and managed partnerships with multi-channel networks, festivals, and major conferences (BANFF, VidCon, NYC Web Fest, etc.)
  • Composed and implemented digital marketing strategies for our branded content campaigns, bi-coastal monthly events, and all live activations
  • Helped achieve 125k unique visitors on our site for the month of April (2015), a 71% increase compared to our 2014 avgs.
  • Created all marketing materials and in-depth monthly social media analytical reports

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