Project: Mobile App, Digital Platform

Title: Bando (view Bando)

Role: Co-Founder


  • Head marketing, audience growth, and partnership acquisition.
  • Established the design elements and user experience approach on the mobile app and website.


Bando delivers real-time news for the urban culture. Bando users spend over 2 hours per day on the app and read over 15,000 pages per month on the platform. Our unique audience is growing at a rate of 20% month to month.

Bando app


Stay up-to-date on the top urban culture news through Bando. Our platform is offers two sections: Featured & Live.

The Featured section presents the top culture news, actively hand picked by our content curators. This section features news from all of your favorite sources, in one central place. We feature hand-picked content on a daily basis and Bando allows users to search old articles or social media posts, save articles for later and share with their friends!

The Live feed allows users to choose up to six categories from Music, Sports, Culture, Comedy, Arts & Photography, and Trending topics. The feed works as a single timeline and streams all of the urban culture news that you chose to see, directly from the influencers.

You can see how Bando works here:



Urban culture news is consumed solely through the desktop which is why Bando brings the first opportunity to highlight premium content in the most accessible way. We originally got the idea during the Meek Mill and Drake beef, when things started to heat up between the two during Meek’s initial outburst — we realized there was no central place to easily stay up-to-date with the developing story efficiently. We realized there was something missing in the consumer mobile app world right now, but moreso within this niche overall. Our users have gotten us even more excited with their extremely positive initial responses.