Black Theory II

Stressed about the troubles of settling in a new city, Malik’s own skewed outlook on race and the media could cost him his livelihood.

See how Malik strains those relationships close to him as he finds the difference from the things he sees in the media and the ideas he brings into the world. The 24 yr. old writer readies for his first interview in New York City but he learns a lot more about himself throughout the day.

Black Theory II is an 11-minute short film, filmed over the course of two weekends in Bushwick, NY & Manhattan, NY. Shot with a small budget of $310, the crew utilized resources to create a narrative that correctly addressed multiple perspectives of racial stereotypes and bias. The first film, Black Theory, placed #19 in the Viewster Online Film Festival and it analyzed Malik’s internal conversations as he watched troubling news segments of today’s racial tensions.


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